Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions asked by our Backfit patients. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

We are built to move! Our bodies are most healthy when we are in near constant movement. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle not only leads to an increased likelihood of obesity and heart disease, it is also a major contributor to spinal degeneration. Make sure to keep your joints healthy by keeping them active.

*Strengthening can also cause aggravation of previously existing spinal conditions. For acute individuals, consult with your chiropractor before beginning an exercise program.

Nutrition and water intake are essential components of optimal spinal health. Many foods will influence the body’s inflammatory response, which in turn will impact your symptoms and ability to heal.

The discs in your back are largely composed of water. In order to maximize disc therapy, the action of mechanically decompressing the spinal discs, water must be present in the surrounding tissue so that the discs can re-hydrate.

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Acupuncture has a long history in Eastern cultures but it has become increasingly popular in Western cultures as well. Acupuncture is proposed to move Qi through meridians in the body, increase blood flow and speed healing, as well as activate the body’s intrinsic pain killing endorphins. It is often advocated as an alternative to pain medication or combined with other forms of healthcare treatment for pain. In conjunction with chiropractic care, acupuncture could be a viable option for you.
Yoga is a great activity for building strength and endurance in deep postural muscles as well as improving flexibility and range of motion. There are several studios in Victoria and the surrounding area that have classes specifically designed for those suffering from back pain or looking to strengthen and improve their spinal health.

Please note, if your condition is acute, talk to your chiropractor before beginning any new activity or exercise.

Using an external support for your neck or back may feel easier or may give you better posture temporarily, but in the long run you will not benefit from it. Using a brace allows your back and/or neck muscles to completely relax as the brace “takes over” the work of the muscles. Over time, these muscles will atrophy or become weaker. This atrophy can cause a dependence on the brace for support, so it will be very difficult to stop using the brace. Backfit promotes developing a treatment plan with your Doctor that will restore function to the joints in your back and neck and then build up postural muscles that will hold your spine in a good position. We have developed a Core program that helps you advance through this process.
Inversion tables work at the level of the muscle and soft tissue surrounding your joints whereas decompression works at re-hydrating the discs themselves. Inversion tables are a great way to stretch out the muscles surrounding the spine with your own body weight. In contrast, decompression works more gently and with an alternating action of traction and release of traction to allow the disc to draw in water and nutrients in a vacuum-like manner.
The best position to take while working on your computer is to raise the monitor so that you are looking straight forward at the middle of the screen, not down towards the screen. The keyboard and mouse should be placed so that your arms are at a ninety degree angle against your body. Your feet should be planted on the floor.

If you would like one of our chiropractors to come to your business location, we can book a 30-90 minute training session for your team. Learn more about our Backfit Corporate Seminars.