Kinesiology & Training Services

Functional Scoliosis Training

Functional scoliosis training includes specialized education and exercises tailored to your specific curve pattern (based on x-rays). You will learn the structural and functional implications of your scoliosis, as well as which habits are helpful or potentially harmful to the progression of the scoliosis. You will receive coaching on various exercises aimed at improving posture, creating balance in mobility & strength, and improving functional quality of life. Exercises are progressive and many can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Active Rehabilitation

Active rehab consists of personalized exercises focused on your specific injury and allows you to take control in the recovery process – especially as you transition towards resuming activities in your life that require a higher level of function. The kinesiologist will address your injury by prescribing exercises that promote mobility, stability, balance, and strength to improve the state of the injured area. They might also use soft tissue release and stretch therapy to help break through restrictions in the surrounding muscles. They will provide you with a home program to follow, and each session will focus on progressing or modifying the exercises. The primary goal is getting the injured area back to optimal function so you can get back to being you!

Posture Training

Posture training is a specialized method utilizing spinal molding, home exercises, and medically designed machines. With extensive experience in the field, our kinesiologist will guide you through effective exercises to promote optimal posture and build stability around the spine. This will help prevent back pain and injuries resulting from poor posture. It’s also essential to the recovery process if you have current or past spinal injuries.

Personal Training

Personal training involves guided exercise sessions with your overall health and personal fitness goals in mind. Sessions will be customized to address any areas of focus you are interested in improving, along with health coaching to ensure you have the understanding and accountability to achieve your goals.

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