Dr. Craig Bentham

What motivates me

Impacting as many lives as possible by changing the way that we look at health. True Health comes from within, not a doctor or a pill… My motivation is for people to understand that.

What I know about health

True health requires good habits. My journey into the chiropractic field began after a devastating back injury in university. That process to completely heal my back has shaped my ability to understand what it truly takes to get well and stay well. Now after 15 years in practice, I often ask this question… how will you ensure good health at age 85? My quote: “The greatest predictor of your health 10 years from now, are the habits you choose now.”

I am grateful for

Parents who taught me the power of gratitude. Getting to share this journey with my incredible wife Marissa (Dr. M) and our fantastic team. Caleb and Summer… the best two rug rats in the world.

My goal

This might be lofty… but here it goes. For every child in our community to get at least one spinal CHECKUP before age 18. With 80% of adults developing back problems and pain, we need to shift our approach to prevention. And… Staying healthy and active enough to surf in Maui at age 85. You’re all invited!

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