Wellness.  What does it mean to you?  How do you live well?

Wellness is most often defined as an approach to health that incorporates both body and mind.  But isn’t it more than that?  Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.  Wellness is a state of being where these aspects of self find harmony.

Notice the word harmony, rather than balance.  Balance implies equality.  In the flow of life, the balance is constantly shifting.  Recognizing where your energy needs to go at any given time in your life is embracing wellness.  Check in.  Is it time to train hard or is it time to re-charge?

Wellness is not a “one day” or “someday” thing.  It truly is a journey that requires of you thoughtful choices and congruent action. It’s making the time to nurture all aspects of yourself and recognizing that each one plays a vital role in making you whole.

Wellness cannot be imparted to us. We have to do the work when it’s needed, and also have faith in our body and it’s amazing capacity for healing and regeneration. What do I strive for on this journey called wellness?  Movement.  Nourishment.  Harmony.  Clarity.  To live well is to think, act and feel in a way that expresses your vitality and your greatness.  It’s choosing a lifestyle enables you to be your best self and manifest your vision for your life.

Live greatly.  Live well.

Dr. Marissa Bentham & the Backfit team